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Exclusive Soirées Redefined


We redefine the essence of exclusive gatherings. Nestled within the historic charm of our venue, the Castle Room and Private Cocktail Bar await to transform your special occasions into extraordinary events. Tailored for gatherings that demand the extraordinary, these spaces are your canvas for events that speak volumes in sophistication and bespoke elegance.

Sophistication in Seclusion

Imagine a world where every detail is crafted with your celebration in mind.

The Castle Room, coupled with our Private Cocktail Bar, offers an unparalleled experience. Here, in this secluded haven, we cater to groups exceeding 35, ensuring a personalised and intimate atmosphere for your notable celebrations.

Whether it's a landmark birthday, a significant anniversary, or a family christening, our venue is primed to host your event with unmatched exclusivity.

Image by Taylor Friehl

Discover a venue where luxury meets intimacy. The Castle Room and Private Cocktail Bar offer a refined setting for your most significant celebrations. Tailored for exclusivity, these spaces ensure your event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Celebrate life's milestones with a touch of bespoke elegance. From grand birthdays to intimate anniversaries, our venue is tailored to make each occasion unique. Indulge in custom-crafted menus and cocktails, designed just for you.

Step into a world where every detail caters to your desires. Our dedicated team ensures your event in the Castle Room and Private Cocktail Bar is seamless and memorable. From planning to execution, experience perfection at every turn.

Bespoke Hospitality
for Your Celebrated Moments

Each event at 360 Cookhouse is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional service. Our skilled mixologists and culinary team collaborate to create menus and cocktails that not only cater to your preferences but also add an extra layer of delight to your celebration. From the first sip of a tailor-made cocktail to the last bite of a gourmet dish, your event is an affair to remember.

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Image by Emily Andreeva
360 Cookhouse's Castle Room Stone Wall with Dining Room

Castle Room

"From the moment you walk in the front door of Cookhouse 360 you just know that you are going to have a great night. We had a family get together here recently and were greeted at the door with very warm and genuine welcome. We were then brought to our table which is in a room located adjacent to Dungarvan Castle. This really is a beautiful room with nice stonework and a
fabulous view of Dungarvan Castle particularly at night time...."

Ready to Celebrate?

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