Your favourite combo is back in town!

For 24 euro, you can enjoy a meal and the latest movies at Dungarvan's local cinema, Movies@Dungarvan.
Choose from three tapas, or go big: an entire pizza or burger! 
Might be worth checking out for dinner this weekend; it's only €24/person after 4pm, for your 360 Cookhouse experience and cinema admission.

Laughing at the Movies

What could be more perfect than a date at the movies? A night out with your family? A fun way to spend time with friends or just hang out with your kids. What about combining all three of these into one eventful, exciting night that will leave you feeling full and happy?

You know the drill: you're out for a nice dinner with your loved one, maybe on a date or just as friends. You have a great time and want to keep it going, so you head to the theatre next door. 

Welcome to Cookhouse Cinema Combo!

Movies@Dungarvan and 360 Cookhouse have once again come together to offer you a night out in Dungarvan without the big price tag! Your evening includes dinner and a movie for less than €25 per person! There's no limitation on what movie you want to watch, or when you want to dine with us at 360. Our Cookhouse Combo Menu includes your favourites from our menu (not to mention an upgrade of €4 for a glass of bubbly!). All you have to do is reach out to us to prebook your Cookhouse Cinema Combo. You  can choose to dine with us before or after your movie (remember to collect your movie admissions from us.)