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Sundays at 360 Cookhouse:
So Legendary, They Almost Make Mondays Tolerable!

Where else can you find a vibe as warm as your nan's hugs and as buzzing as Saturday night's pub crowd? Only at 360, where every Sunday feels like a family reunion—minus the awkward questions!

Image by American Heritage Chocolate

The Quintessential Irish Roast

When we say we've got the classic Irish roast that rivals your mammy's, we aren't pulling your leg!  Imagine bacon and cabbage so mouth-watering that it deserves its own fan club. Brace yourselves, Sunday dinners will never be the same again.

Tantalising Tapa Specials

Now, if you think Sundays are just for roasts, hold onto your hats!
Introducing our Tapa Specials, perfect for those who like a bit of this and a bit of that. It’s like a Sunday smorgasbord for your taste buds!

Reel in the Market
Fish Special!

Love the fruits of the sea? Dive into our Market Fish Specials.
Freshly caught and as photogenic as a cat in a Christmas sweater, our fish dishes add that extra splash to your Sundays

For Sundays That Steal the Weekend Spotlight

Forget about Saturday night fever; at 360, it's all about the Sunday sizzle. We put the 'sun' in Sunday, making it shine brighter than a disco ball. Imagine a day filled with culinary masterpieces, laughter, and perhaps a cheeky cocktail or two. Trust us, your weekend stories will be the stuff of office legends

Beef Tenderloin
Why Our Sundays Are Booked Faster Than a Speeding Pint!
We went here for Sunday lunch based on some positive Tripadvisor reviews. We had a lovely experience - staff were very welcoming and seated us in a covered outdoor area out the back which was really bright and a lovely dining area. The portions were big and the quality of food excellent - My wife is still raving about her half roast chicken special. We'd definitely call back when next in Dungarvan.

Jim, TripAdvisor

Craving a Sunday so grand, it makes Monday a mere afterthought?

Book now to secure your slice of weekend bliss

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