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Unwrap Early Christmas Magic with Scratch & Win!

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Book, Scratch, Win, and

Start Celebrating Early!

Fall into Festivities with Our Exclusive Group Giveaway...

October brings a chill in the air, a change in the leaves, and at 360 Cookhouse, a shower of delightful surprises! We’re rolling out a scratch-and-win special for the early birds planning their Christmas festivities. Secure your group booking (+12) this month and unwrap an instant gift of joy!

How it Works

Reserve a merry table of 12 or more for your group’s Christmas celebration this October, and voila, a chance to scratch & win enters stage! Upon booking, a gleaming virtual scratch card will make its way to your inbox. Scratch away digitally and let the wave of excitement wash over you! Not every card is a winner, but oh, the anticipation is half the fun, and when you win, the stage is set for a night sprinkled with extra joy! We believe in rewarding those who, like us, have their holiday spirits soaring way before the first snowflake hits the ground. 

Sparkles, Sips, and More: What Might Your Table Twinkle With

Come the evening of your reservation, walk into 360 Cookhouse with a smile, because if you’ve won, a delightful surprise will be twinkling at your table, awaiting its grand unboxing!

It’s not just about the scratch; it’s about crafting moments of delightful suspense leading up to a night where every detail is a little celebration in itself.

From vouchers that ease your bill to rounds of cocktails that arrive at your table with a wink and a nudge, the prizes are crafted to be the cherries on top of your festive evening. Each gift is designed not just to please but to be a memorable addition to your night’s tapestry of joy!

Scratch Wisely, Celebrate Wildly

A dash of reading, a sprinkle of understanding, and you’re all set to dive into the Scratch & Win experience with zero worries and full excitement! Our terms are as clear as our holiday bells’ ring, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience from start to finish.

Read the Terms & Conditions


Scratching heads or just want to share your excitement?

Reach out! We at 360 Cookhouse are here with open ears, ready smiles, and a treasure trove of festive delights to share!

Autumn's shimmer is just the overture; the main symphony of laughter, flavor, and sparkle awaits at 360 Cookhouse this season!

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