It’s about offering you delicious and remarkable food & drink and a

casual dining experience that is welcoming, memorable and fun.

It’s about offering you gracious and informed hospitality in an atmosphere where laughter and conversation resonate.

It’s about discovering what you truly want – and delivering you more.

It’s about finding ways to surprise and delight you while offering you an experience you can share,

It’s about continuity and consistency – in our efforts and our outlook, dish to dish, day to day, year after year;

It’s about the unbreakable commitment of every individual within the 360 Cookhouse family to

elevate the standards and expectations of our industry;

It’s about our ethos of food sustainability = respecting our place within this circle

and bearing responsibility for those that come next;

It’s about the completeness of a circle – as we strive to provide the complete experience for our guests;

It’s about strength, trust and unbreakable bonds – bonds of family and friendship, yours and ours;

It represents the resolution of the world – from where we draw our inspiration and influence;

It represents the degree we’ll go to in our efforts to surprise and delight you.

It’s about you!


It's about the full circle

After successfully opening a pop-up casual dining scene in 2015, The Mill Cookhouse, our ideas came to life. They were soon nurtured by our customers and crew, we quickly realized, it's time to expand. 

It was always about delivering a great experience to our customers. But it was more, it was the full circle - 360. From the ingredients, to the plates, the ambiance and most importantly, you.


360 Cookhouse opened in 2016 and has been nestled in the Culinary Quarter of Dungarvan ever since. 
This cosy yet large premises, previously, The Park House - highlights our passion for local ingredients, honest cooking, and a casual fun dining atmosphere. 


Loved by locals and travelling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at 360 Cookhouse to experience the full circle of Dungarvan, Co Waterford.



Greg David Harris

Known as one of the Dungarvan area’s most beloved places to eat, our acclaimed chef takes pride in reimagining the way people enjoy and experience food. Setting an ambitious standard for cuisine with our ever-evolving menu and immersive atmosphere, our guests have the privilege of tasting the bold and unique flavours that come from years of training and experience.



Everyone is welcome to 360 Cookhouse,  including your four-legged furry friends!

Not only do they get to be part of the atmosphere of dining out, but we also have a special Canine menu just for your pups too! Whether it's a tasty treat or a quick coffee & bowl of water for your pup, there are so many areas to sit back and relax with the whole family at 360 Cookhouse.


Our Pergola Garden Room is a big hit with our furry friends. Embracing the outdoor features in through our pergola architecture, sending a calming effect within the space for both our human guests and pet guests, providing them with the freedom to roam about in a comfortable environment.

Golden Retriever